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ユーザの3D作品 - omar


Description Hello fellow artists, I would like to present to you my latest model and concept "The Egyptian Warrior King" as it is a very special project for me. The main idea behind this model was to create an imaginary character of the young king "Tutankhamon" as an adult warrior king, as he died young, while portraying his magnificent jewelry and weapons. I used as a main reference to the body and likeness the Olympic Greco wrestler “Karam Gaber”, so this had a huge influence on the way I built his assets that were inspired by Greco-Roman period in Alexandria, Egypt. This was portrayed using elements like the belt and leather chest guards. This project was heavily inspired by Ubisoft's game For Honor, I even added two poses similar to Berserker and Warlord.So I buit a Game Ready model with all of the assets and weapons building high poly and low poly for baking and setting uvs. I hope you Enjoy viewing it!!
追加日時 25. May. 2020, 10:15