ARP 9 Sub Machine Gun Photos & 3D scan

Weapon: ARP 9

UDP-9 AR, is manufactured by The Angstadt Arms (North Carolina, USA). The philosophy of this weapon is one magazine, two weapons. In this case, it is a magazine for Glock pistols, which is used in the weapon. In addition, the entire weapon is built on the platform of rifles of the AR series, modified for a 9 mm caliber magazine. Most shooters are familiar with this platform and know how to handle it.

ARP 9 Sub Machine Gun Photos & 3D scan

75 credit(s) 1 photos


Weapons-Rifle Army 3D Weapons


Obj file of raw 3d scan and reference photos.

Technical Specifications:

  • OBJ file High Poly / 1 600 000 polys
  • 29 photos / 6720x4480 px

NOTE: This is a raw scan with no postproduction and no retopology.